Sunday, April 9, 2023

"on condition of anonymity." How the mainstream media attacks the GOP

April 9th, 2023, New York Times reporters Johnathon Swan and Anni Karni authored a Sunday article printed by the Daily Press. "House GOP lacks unity." 

On condition of anonymity

"According to two people, who said Banks told them about the incident. They spoke on condition of anonymity to describe private discussions."

"Who spoke on condition of anonymity to describe private conversations."

"According to a person briefed on one of the conversations who recounted it on condition of anonymity."

This article is a prime example of lazy, narrative-driven speculation and little to no evidence reporting. The entire article's concept is based on private conversations the reporter was not a part of; no proof of as to the conversations even taking place, so they use "on condition of anonymity" to cover their hidden agenda. I have observed this behavior in mainstream reporting for many years now, and this lazy reporting is used to discredit the GOP and others they disagree with. 

This was a hit piece. This entire article is based on anonymity, hearsay, and rumors, where the reporters try to tie anonymity to facts. These reporters are not to be trusted; they offer no proof, just conjecture, which is why the mainstream media should not be trusted. There is no proof of a lack of unity within the GOP. 

When you read an article written by a mainstream media outlet, count the number of times the reporter uses anonymity to create a theme for your reading pleasure. Learn to decipher, break apart the article, and understand where the facts come from to form an opinion or narrative. Are the reporter's conclusions based on proof, facts, accurate quotes, or anonymity? If there are no quotation marks, there is no proof any of the information in the article is true; in other words, there are no printed or video references. You are trusting someone you do not know, who lives in New York and works for a paper that has lied in the past and proven to do so. 

This is why I do not trust the Daily Press Editors. The Daily Press is responsible for the content of the paper. The editors allow articles with what I believe and, based on experience, offer very weak conclusions and conjecture to create a narrative to benefit the Democrat Party. 

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