Monday, April 15, 2024

Mom is trying to get us food

Mohammed Ugbede Adaji posted a picture. He asked, what does the picture mean? Many responded. 

Mohammed is a Facebook friend, and I enjoy our conversations. We don't get mad, we don't threaten, we don't spew unwise words over differences of opinions. Mohammed is from Nigeria, and I have found the people I interacted with educated, wise, and wonderful. I am thankful to be allowed to be a part of his world. I have realized that social media ills and hate are an American problem. America has a real problem with division, and one has to wonder if this divide is intentional, created by the media and politicians to harness power for themselves. 

It's a very touching photo with some vital lessons, wrote Benny Peters Adaji.

1. "Both are families, and irrespective of what happens to any of them, the children will be motherless. So, the first thing is that personal survival is vital. You need to be alive to do what you need to do. 

2. Your being alive comes at what cost? Who suffers at the other end of your survival? So, in life, it's vital that you think of others too. 

3. In life, value comes first. If one must survive, it must be the one with higher value, and you will agree with me that fish are made to be food for humans, not the other way around."

I was asked to opine.

It's a challenging picture to reflect upon. I had read others' points of view and thought for a long time before responding. Everyone who has responded shows a warm heart and deep thinking. I will share another view that I may not like. To think, one must have two people in one's head to weigh the pros and cons.

Life is hard. We toil at our work, some of us in miserable conditions, some as slaves. We humans suffer greatly while riding this rock. In the end, we have but a chance to meet death with a smile and move on into eternity. Life isn't fair or unfair; it's a bit more complex. A blend of circumstances, choices, and luck. Some things may seem unfair, while others may feel just. It's all about it's personal perspective.

To the picture: If a shark comes along and eats the fish, Mom, and her babies to survive, do we accept that as nature's survival? Nature operates on principles of survival of the fittest, adaptation, and natural selection. It's about organisms evolving traits that help them thrive in their environment and pass those traits on to future generations. It's not about fairness but rather efficiency and effectiveness in adapting to the challenges of existence.

In this case, Fish Mom gives her life to feed a family of humans through natural selection. However, will the fish children learn what a hook is and be aware of it? No, the answer is no; they will bite the same hook in a matter of minutes. Humans are like that.

Humans see obvious danger; we watch people die in wars, and we see the history of evil, yet we continue to create wars and live in sin even though we have watched others perish needlessly. As humans, we never really progress in our human nature. We see the fish bite the hook, and like the fish, we still bite the same hook, not really learning from history. We are but sheep, following the sheep leader over the cliff. It is then the reason why we need better sight. Only God can provide that sight through his teachings, allowing free will. Evil is the absence of God in our lives. With God, we live in the green meadow, not at the bottom of a cliff.

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Mom is trying to get us food

Mohammed Ugbede Adaji posted a picture. He asked, what does the picture mean? Many responded.  Mohammed is a Facebook friend, and I enjoy ou...