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Two histories, one future - A discourse to the Daily Press

In regard to, Two histories, one future. 2-24-2019 Daily Press Opinion “Where the Newspaper stands.” Let's break this opinion down into a readable analysis and then offer discourse.

“ African-Americans still live within our society where policies and practices keep our fellow citizens at the back of the bus and force them to travel  separate avenues to succeed.”

1. Separate and unequal paths leading to economic independence
2. An atmosphere that stifles the ability to obtain adequate health care.
3. African -American are profiled by police officers at higher rates than other drivers.
4. Virginia courts levy harsher sentences to African Americans than other defendants.

5. African Americans are referred to the justice system at greater rates than their whiter counterparts for “acting out in class.”
6. Africa Americans are consistently arrested, charged and convicted of drug crimes including possession, distribution, and conspiracy at far higher rates than whites.
7. African-Americans defendants who plead guilty to malicious wounding or burglary receive higher sentences at twice the rate of Whites.

So we have a list of grievances. Now, let's find the reason why shall we?
According to the Daily Press and I quote. “ Whether it is the result of unconscious bias on the part of some police, prosecutors, and judges or sickness that infects the entire criminal justice system, we do not know.”

The blame game:

Reasons for failure:
1. Gatekeeper is Mr. Herring, who has admitted to wearing blackface has done little to nothing to review these newspapers findings regarding equal protections for defendants.
2. African Americans were 2.4 times more likely to be denied a conventional home loan as white applicants.
3. And for the second time in this opinion, we read the following. “ People of color face significant disparities in access to health care.”

The Daily Presses reasons for:

1. African-Americans are traveling a road that has many more obstacles than whites.
2. Too few elected officials realize there needs to be a greater urgency to make the road more accessible to blacks.
3. Society must recognize injustice exist and take corrective measures.
4. The Daily Press suites the term “systemic racism, to bring attention to prejudices that appear racist, “because of the way these (policies?) are written.
5. Lots of European-Americans (whites) are treated unfairly. Yet there is always a (BUT) when it comes to the Daily Press- time and time again, a Spector (dreaded source of terror) is heaped on African - Americans at greater rates.

A solution offered by the Daily Press:

“Society must recognize injustice exists and take corrective action and measures that can only evolve through tough conversations on College Campuses, Suburban neighborhoods, in the main street diner and at family dinner tables.”

The paper goes on to write concerning Del Jay Jones, D- Norfolk.
1. Del. Jones family experienced and fought racism for generations.
2. Del. Jones called for forgiveness...
3. We must address longstanding issues head-on.
4. We need healing and reconciliation between African-Americans and European Americans.
5. Let's not let these differences fester.

The paper finishes with the following advice for all readers.
1. Like a Sunday sermon, we are asked to go out and begin conversations on our own.
2. They want us to talk about our families and past experiences of past generations.
3. The paper insists that a foundation of understanding can be had through education for an understanding of where we are going.
4. The paper assumes European Virignians and African Virginians have separate pasts. I assume, that by talking about our pasts we can bind our futures.

So the Daily Press wants a conversation? Let's start here with this video from World Cloud.

Let us move on to history. If we are to understand the present as the Daily Press points to, then let us understand our past.
Let us start here with this paper.

If the Daily Press wants to articulate the 7-reasons found at the beginning of this opinion as written by the editors of the Daily Press then let us start here. I read this book and many of Walter Willams books. Walter Williams, in my opinion, speaks the truth to the 7-reasons you list yet, you do not recognize. Why does the Daily Press not acknowledge the possibility of the truth that may be different than the opinion of the writer's reality?

I wrote Jay Jones and the Daily Press this week. You can find my letter to the Delegate and the Daily Press here. You may find this and other commentaries at So far there has been no response and of course, there will not be a response from the Daily Press if, past history of no response holds true. Alas, I have my own 7-reasons why.

My discourse to Delegate Jay Jones “ Bias defines daily life for blacks” as found in the Daily Press 2-22-2019.

I read the article and the Delegate talks about and notes, “bias defines daily life for Blacks”

The term Bias from the Webster dictionary is as follows.

1a: an inclination of temperament or outlook

especially: a personal and sometimes unreasoned judgment: PREJUDICE

b: an instance of such prejudice


d(1): deviation of the expected value of a statistical estimate from the quantity it estimates

(2) : systematic error introduced into sampling or testing by selecting or encouraging one outcome or answer over others.

Other definitions bring us closer to a racial bias.

A particular tendency, trend, inclination, feeling, or opinion, especially one that is preconceived or unreasoned: illegal bias against older job applicants; the magazine’s bias toward art rather than photography; our strong bias in favor of the idea. unreasonably hostile feelings or opinions about a social group; prejudice accusations of racial bias.

The term prejudice comes up in our definitions of bias thus we must define prejudice. Definition: preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

The Delegate says that the blackface perpetrated by Ralph Northam at el, and I quote “To me, and many people like me, these events are a window into a struggle that defines daily life for black Americans from the day we are born to the day we die”

I feel your pain, “I am prejudged with bias and prejudices by black people from the day I am born to the day I die.”

I, on the other hand, will offer recent and past examples.

1. I am white therefore you think I am racist.

2. I wear a MAGA hat, therefore, you think I am racist.

3. I celebrate my southern heritage and therefore you think I am racist.

4. I have worked hard in life and have done well. You think that is because I and others are racist.

5. Because I have succeeded and you have not, I am racist.

6. I have taken the stance to exclaim “ social welfare of the sixties is a complete failure and has harmed the black community.” But when I make this observation, I am labeled a racist. When Walter Williams makes the same observation he is ignored.

7. I have taken the stance of marriage between a man and a woman is the only way to raise a child. Single parent families should not be normal in our society. Noting 75% of all children born to black women are not in marriage, I am labeled a racist when Walter Williams makes this observation he is ignored. This is today.

The Delegate’s examples are from the 60’s meaning he is still clinging to stories of old, stories taught him by a father and grandfather. He presents anecdotal evidence from child rearing. I can do the same, having been jumped and beaten by blacks in the 1960s on a regular basis.

I think when it comes down to prejudices and bias we need to examine experiences. The black community needs to examine the harm they do to themselves when they beat a white boy at the age of 10 in the 1960s because he is white. The black community needs to own up to the violence perpetrated against whites in the past and present and how that has affected a community that is 18% of the population in America. This is the history the liberals and most likely you will not respond to or acknowledge as you will always want to play the victim and not take responsibility or acknowledge the true history of our past. I have to say, and based on my experiences it has taken me many years and now at the age of 58, to overcome my fear of black people based on my childhood. I think the same can be said for your father and grandfather. I will say this, you were not there in the 1960s and while our history books portray a mighty injustice during that era and I am thankful for the civil rights afforded all today, in the 1960’s we were at war in our schools, in our neighborhoods, our parks, and our streets. Both sides guilty of harming the other and that harm, if you want to heal the races, needs to be acknowledged. The harm of the Black Panthers, the harm is done by today's protestors shouting kill cops, fry them like bacon, burning down cities needs to stop. You point the finger at me and that is ok, but you need to look deep into the mirror young man.

 “Prejudices are not “prejudice” if they are related to actual experience. What I am saying is our biases are related to our prejudices, are related to our experiences and our need to survive. Our experiences in life create preservation of life action. So, when you ask why do I cross the street when you walk by, it is because in the 1960s there was a good chance your father or grandfather would have beaten me. If I avoid you, it is based on experiences and bias and not prejudices according to the definition of prejudices. If I experienced as a child or adult bad experiences in my relationship with blacks and on a daily basis, I learn self-preservation, and of course, self-preservation is not prejudice or bias.

The Daily Press finishes its opinion with advice. My advice.

1. Why do you call me white? I am European American and your reference to my skin color is racist.

2. You want us to talk about the past generations? Ok, then let's talk about why you, only want to talk about black history during the civil rights era from one perspective? Let's talk about how the media, political figures and race baiters like Al Sharpton only portray one narrative? There is a part of the civil rights movement you simply do not want to address in my opinion.

3. Ralph Northam, LT Governor Herring and Justin Fairfax. Let's talk about these people as you have done in your opinion. Let's talk about how the Daily Press endorsed all three of these candidates for office. This is a truth you conveniently leave out and avoid. Let's ask why the media did not do it’s homework and blindly follows the Democrats with endorsements of candidates.

4. Let's talk about tough conversations. I am willing to meet with any of you. Let's observe the following. College campuses are not the place for discourse. Let us be reminded of how conservatives have been treated on college campuses for the last two years. William and Mary invited one conservative to speak. After leaving the students called him a racist (note: not brave enough to call him racist to his face.) Other college conservative invites need to be reviewed. Conservatives at CA Berkeley were threatened with harm and Antifa students promote violence against speakers. Students shouting down speakers with no respect and college presidents allow this behavior. College presidents have lost control of the insane asylum. Professors are teaching hate of fellow citizens and indoctrinating students to socialism. NO, I say college campuses is not the place for discussion when the students have no respect for differences of opinion and respect for speakers.

So, here we are. I am offering to speak to any of you. I am willing to have this tough conversation. I am willing to listen and I am willing to offer my experiences. I do not see any of you replying, in other words, you like to preach but, not be preached to. Marisa Porto will not respond. Digby Solomon will not respond. Mike Mullin will not respond. Monty Mason will not respond. The Daily Press will not respond beyond a robot. Peggy Bellows will not respond. The Gazette will not respond. Jay Jones will not respond. Katherine Rowe will not respond. So you get the picture right?

The best part is, Walter Williams will respond, sometimes.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Is literature and art racist or racially insensitive?

An exercise in propaganda. This is my discourse to combat blatant propaganda espoused by the left. Yearbooks can be defined as art. College and high school yearbooks of our past should be defined as historical art. The Webster dictionary makes this clear. If we edit or destroy historical art for the sake of hurt feelings, are we no better than ISIS destroying historical Buddhist temples in Iraq? President Katherine Rowe of William and Mary may think it is ok to destroy art she does not agree with. Let us examine the recent controversies surrounding Virginia and historical art of the past. 

Ralph Northam showed racial insensitivity. However, if we define racism by the Webster dictionary: A belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. A doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles. A political or social system founded on racism. Racial prejudice or discrimination, then we should be mindful of calling people racist. I did not vote for Ralph Northam for my own reasons but I find it hard to stand by and watch the press and Democrats use this label to hurt others unjustly. 

I can not lay my finger on a time when Ralph has ever been racist. The whole problem is Democrats have changed the definition of racism to demean the President at el. A 27-year-old picture of blackface or KKK costume was worn for 6 hours once or let us say twice in life is not what we should construe as racism. Think of it this way. At 60 years of age, we have lived 506,880 hours. (60*352*24) We made a mistake for 12 hours wearing blackface twice in our lives. 12 hours / 506,880 = .00002367 time of our life when we made a bad decision. Are we at a point in our society that we will condemn people for .00002367? This picture did not take from anyone the right to go to school, get a job, a place to live or discriminate in any manner. He is not a KKK member or a member of any groups that hate except of course the Democrat party. What the picture did were hurt peoples feelings. 

The left and the mainstream media wants to add to the definition of racism “hurting feelings”. My feelings get hurt every time the Gazette or the Daily Press runs a cartoon of white males depicted as pigs or racist as a whole. My feelings get hurt every time they run cartoons of white males holding the Confederate flag and a MAGA hat as if to say we are all like this. Yes is the answer, the Daily Press has done this in the past. If we are to add hurting feelings to the definition of racism William and Mary and The Daily Press is guilty. If Northam is to step down it should be for not owning up to the picture in the beginning. With that said, Elizabeth Warren should resign tomorrow but you will not see the press calling for her resignation after lying about her Indian heritage and using American Indian on applications for schools. 

Plenty of cake for those who save

Kathleen Parker a columnist with the Washington Post wrote an interesting colum concerning the plight of  Federal workers during the Government shutdown. I offer discourse. 


Ms. Parker, you used your column to attack others in which you disagree.  With your “let them eat cake moment” you fail to realize just how important border security really is and of course, the Democrats are just as guilty of politics.

 During the Great Depression (1929-1939), the families who grew up during this time learned a few things most people ignore today. I learned from my family; I learned from being poor and on my own at an early age with little to no education. I learned to live, only the necessities. Today, I am wealthy, and for me, I am generationally more successful than my father. 

1. Use credit cautiously.
2. Nurture positive relationships with family and friends. Yes, that means your spouse as well. 
3. Enjoy simple pleasures. 
4. Do it yourself.
5. See frugality as a virtue. 
6. Treat food with respect.
7. Don’t treat our soil like dirt. 
8. Reuse, reuse, reuse.
9. Practice good domestic skills.
10. Be thankful.
11. It is not what you make; it is what you spend. 
12. Save, save, save. We hear the best financial advisers tell us every day. Save at least 6-months of expenditures for rough times. 
13. Delayed gratifications.
14. Go to Church and belong to something greater than yourself.    

Federal employees make on the average 120k a year. My wife and I combined make 130k a year. We have a savings account, we save more than 10%, and it matters not your income, you can live by these simple rules.  Some in today's generation have not learned from their grandparents. We pay off our credit cards every month. Twenty – eight years have passed since I married my wife. Marriage is crucial if you are going to have children and be able to afford them. I think the left has taught women they can go it alone, they don’t need a man. That is the worst lie, a most horrible untruth you, feminist and the elites have taught. We enjoy the simple pleasures of walking hand in hand with our dog and talking. We do almost everything ourselves. I fix the cars, change the oil, mow the grass, home renovations and can fix just about anything. My wife cleans the home, no maid in our house. It is a wonderful relationship, I take care of the outside, and my wife takes care of the inside.  These are but a few ways to save. We are frugal when we shop, coupons always, never pay full price for anything. We shop in thrift stores.  My wife still drives a 2006 Toyota forerunner with 130k miles. This truck is in such good shape she can drive it another 100k mile easy. We throw nothing away from the dinner table. We cook at home and spend little time in restaurants. When we do cook, we prepare meats for three meals. We do eat the leftovers, and we throw nothing away. We have a garden. We work in our garden every summer. Freezing vegetables, canning, make pickles, etc. We thoroughly clean the home, change AC filters, clean refrigerator coils, etc. It truly is not what you make it is what you spend. We have a budget we stick to our budget. We save everything. Plastic cups, plastic containers, aluminum cans are money, cardboard boxes, shipping wrap. I save every screw or nail I find. I pick up every penny I see on the parking lot asphalt and add to the jar. I reload ammo, and I don’t buy new. We delay expenditures until the money is saved to purchase. We save for Christmas. We save for a vacation; we save for emergencies. We mend our clothing with our sewing skills and darn our socks. Today, young people, are a throwaway generation and spending more money.

Honestly, I have little respect and sympathy for those who have gone without a paycheck for 3-4 weeks and no savings. My wife and I today have put two kids, almost through college and paid for it up till now. Abby has one more year; Jake has two more years. It cost 56k a year, but we were able to do this because we are married, in a committed relationship, we saved in 429’s since they were three years of age. We saved our money; we built emergency funds, we did without and saved for the future. (“We sacrificed”) My wife and I could go a year without work if needed today. We have saved in our IRA’s, and our 401k is maxed out plus some. “We lived below our means” We will retire very nicely on little pay in the next ten years or so. Our financial adviser says we have more wealth than 75% of today’s American population. We don’t live that way though; you would not know it to meet us. I think that this is the key, a path most 40-year olds and younger, have no clue is available to walk down. 

This essay has been brought to you by a poor man who made it. If I can make it anyone can. 

Reed Johnson

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