Sunday, July 9, 2023

Virginia Governor Youngkin, Protecting America.

Dated 7-9-2023: The Daily Press editors go on the offensive against our Virginia governor. The editors seem to have an issue with border security between Mexico and our Nation. The attacks stem from Youngkin's assistance in sending 100 national guardsmen to Texas to assist in securing our border. My discourse follows as to why we need to help and in the same tone as the editors reminding all Americans of our distrust in the current federal administration and its puppets. 

As if right on queue, the Daily Press editors attack the Virginia Republican Governor again with hate for American security and conservatives throughout our Nation. In another attack dated 7-9-2023, the opinion page cast a remarkably weak stance on border security. Our Border security should be the responsibility of the Federal Government. A federal government that is led by a senile puppet president Joe Biden. A president so vile he and the first lady do not even acknowledge a grandchild. I have often said, do not judge me by me; judge me by how I raised my children. In essence, how you raise your children reflects your moral values and ethics. The old saying goes, a bad apple does not fall far from the tree. This senile puppet leader, and let's be clear, this leader has no clue who we are fighting in Ukraine, as he called Russia - Iraq in a statement earlier this month. A president who continues to show us how confused he is, "God save the Queen," and has to be led around on a leash to not get lost. 

What the Daily Press does not consider in their opinion and will never opine as they are handled by the same handlers of Biden; yes, the Daily Press editors are nothing more than puppets of the Wizard of Oz. Federal law is being broken by the Democrats when they allow foreign adversaries and other illegal aliens to cross into America without following the letter of the law. That is what all of this comes down to. State governors are stepping up and trying to do something to help protect our country, and the editors of the daily press attack mercilessly as if they are told what to do. I guarantee this same message will be played across Virginia in lockstep as if the media is used to persuade public opinion. The Daily Press plants seeds in their opinion with no proof; that is poor editorial comments. Our Governor does not need to listen to the Texas Troops to know that if one Virignian National Guardsman can stop one crossing of illegal fentanyl, millions of Americans might live. Suppose one Virginia National Guardsman can stop one Chinese national or other possible sleeper cell infiltration unit into our country from adversarial enemies; then, job well done. Even the Daily Press admits, although I think they do not realize it, sending troops, the Daily Press reports, to Texas has moved smuggling operations to other states. That means what we are doing in Texas is working and not a failure. 

It is time for other border states to step up and do the same. At a time when our doddering, decrepit President ignores our safety, I, for one, am glad Governor Youngkin has stepped up and done what he can to help our country. At a time when our President associates himself with breast-baring, mentally deranged white house visiting people and in front of two-year-olds no less; when cocaine is found in the white house; when the press secretary lies as to who was in the white house at 6:38 pm on a Friday long after Daddy had left; when you have a president whose moral decision is to ignore a granddaughter; when a president wants to take from you your gas stove and heating appliances, and when the Daily Press seems to think criminal trespassing and whatever they believe are minor offenses are not important then we as Americans have a profound mistrust of the media and our federal puppet leader. 

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