Friday, September 10, 2021

Senator Mark Warner a slaveholder?

A letter was written to Mark Warner the Senior Senator of Virginia representing me in Washington.  Dated, 9-10-2021. I asked for a response to recent events and policies affecting millions of Americans. Like other letters written to express displeasure, a response will not come, or if a response does come, it will be months from now. This is what Mark Warner thinks about his constituents. Not much I think. If however, I receive a response I will be sure to add to this blog the response for our review. 

 I am writing today to express my displeasure with Mark Warner. My concern relates to the enforcement of federal law and taxation through power and control. All federal laws should be enforced and not the wish to enforce what you want based on political bias. Example: Merrick Garland and your constituents have chosen to sue Texas concerning state rights to regulate abortion. While abortion is a tough subject, I believe a ban on abortion at 6-weeks is well-founded in protecting the unborn. Basically, you are saying a baby does not have constitutional rights under the law. To me, that is just wrong. The Supreme Court let stand the basic protection of life afforded Texans and now Joe Biden, and you have completely disregarded that premise to meet your political agenda and nothing more. 

What concerns me most is the lack of federal law enforcement: Here, we have a group of lawmakers who want to overturn a state's law on abortion yet allow state laws to overturn federal laws when it comes to federally mandated laws governing illegal drugs and illegal immigration. Again, the Supreme Court has decided to let stand the law/regulations to whit, all illegal immigrants must wait in Mexico to be vetted before crossing our border. Yet you and your political bias party, have again ignored the Supreme Court, an equal branch of government to push an illegal agenda on Americans. I am confounded by the fact that our federal government looks away as drug overdoses kill thousands a year, and do nothing, yet have now mandated shots for a flu-like virus. I have chosen free will to take the shots; I still got Covid and lived through it for 7 days with flu-like symptoms. Wearing a mask, getting shots, the 6-ft separation mandate did nothing to stop this virus except the harm done to our freedoms and free will to choose for ourselves. For this, I am very disappointed in you. Hypocrisy at its best choosing federal laws to ignore and to enforce, disregarding science when it suits you, is worrisome. 

Taxes: I saw Mark Warner in the news the other day telling Virginians that he is working on raising our taxes. Joe Biden made a clear campaign promise not to raise taxes on the middle class, yet you fail to define what is middle class. I get no vote as to these proposed tax hikes. You want to take from me what is mine, you want to take my achievements and give a portion to those to whom have not achieved. You do this without my permission. This is a form of slavery. I submit to you Mark Warner you are a slaveholder of the middle class if ever defined. You are a slaveholder of the individual who has achieved, by taking from him or them, their property without their permission. In the end, you are no better, than a King or Tyrant. "Power without control is corruption." "Control without power is futile" You are the corrupted and I am made to feel my achievements are futile.

I look forward to your canned response in which you will not address these issues. 

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