Tuesday, March 28, 2023

How Americans need to respond to the Nashville shooter.

Dear fellow humans,

From my perspective, Monday's Nashville Shooting unfolded over roughly 14 minutes. Police received the initial call about an active shooter at 10:13 a.m. Police killed the suspect at 10:27 a.m.

14 minutes and the Democrats want to take from you what some of us, but not all, ever agreed to give. I am relieved the police in the case responded so fast and never failed to move forward, as we have seen in the past. That said, 14 minutes killed 6-7 unarmed people. 14 minutes without personal protection. Conceal carry by a teacher or on-sight security would have been the best-case scenario in reducing or stopping this awful act of vengeance against Christians. I believe the manifesto will reveal a hatred for Christians.

Remember, this shooter is part of the 1% of the wackos out there when considering all humans. Transgender folks, in my view, are 99% good people, so please don't do anything stupid or settle a score for the sake of a score. If you do, you have lowered yourself to some but not all left-wing progressives' use of vengeance.

The 99% has to arm itself against the 1%, and it is that simple. Arm your selves, understand nature's first right to self-defense, and then go out and steward high moral decisions and even higher ethical values. Only through Kronos and God's law can we obtain or retain our traditional family values that have been bludgeoned by the left for far too long. It is simple, folks, there are only 10 laws you need to follow, and here they are.

Honestly, if you don't believe in God, okay, ignore the first 4 and keep the last 6. If you are too stubborn to follow these laws, you are the 1%.

1. You shall have no other gods before Me.
2. You shall make no idols.
3. You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.
4. Keep the Sabbath day holy.

5. Honor your father and your mother.
6. You shall not murder.
7. You shall not commit adultery.
8. You shall not steal.
9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
10. You shall not covet.

Nashville shooter; what is our path forward now?

Shooter is a transgender woman pretending to be a man. This was reported in news outlets and should be deemed reasonably accurate. Typical for left-wing progressives to leave out names, pictures, sex, or skin color when the shooters are black or transgender. Truth be known, This does not matters. What matters is that you treat all high moral / ethically sound humans the same; the media and our politicians do not. 

I understand there will be a slight majority of left-wing nuts who happen to be LGBTQ turn violent; like all other parts of our society, it is and will be a small group of haters (1%) for whom hate manifests itself into harm for Christians. Another example is a small group of haters for black people and a small group for white people. And so on. What we don't do is take freedom from the 99% because 1% is freaking crazy.  

My guess is 99% of all who identify as LGBTQ are decent people who identify as non-binary and are good humans. There are traits one can be born with that will create these ideas. Example: A man born with a micro-penis grows up knowing he will never have sex with a woman. That is sad but true, so if there is confusion, we must realize this isn't very comfortable to deal with and a condition kept under the radar, yet the (them) goes on to live as good a life as they can. 

Americans must know that. We need better communication, and the media does not help when writing divisive opinions. We, the people, can never deal in absolutes like the media and our politicians; we deal in "some but not all." We deal in the content of character. Mark my words, Joe Biden will use this event to attack guns and blame Christians for their perceived hate of the LGBTQ community. He will accuse the whole Christain community, not the 1% wackos. 

Going out on a limb here, but due to the recent spread of Christen hate from the LGBTQ community. Note: We saw the hatred in Richmond's legislation as the LGBTQ speaker became unstable; we know this by reading media reporting. The media will blame Christians for being shot in Nashville. Somehow the press will blame Governor Youngkin. We will see after we get a copy of the manifesto as to what was in this person's mind. I foresee hatred for Christians in (their/they) writings. Will we take what this person writes as truth, or will it be fantasy? It depends on your point of view and how you can use this to create more divisiveness in America. 

Once again. It is ok with the left to kill as long as it is for a cause progressives believe in. Example: the 2020 riots. The killing of police officers and bystanders by BLM, Antifa, and now the start of a holy war between Christians and humans who might be unstable as to what sex they are. Looking to blame others for their life requires better counseling. The truth is evening counseling will not help sometimes. 

Democracy is a funny idea. Mainstream left-wing progressive media will defend the LGBTQ, as I will. Yet, no matter how many die or churches burn, the media and some in Washington will see this as a good evil, good trouble for a more significant cause, and the difference is, I will not tolerate good sin. The small minority will ignore Democracy and the vote whereby we should vote, and I suspect the majority will keep Christian values in the coming decades. This vote will satisfy most voters, but not all, and the result will be more death, hate, and mayhem created by some but not all in the media, our elected officials, and the 1%. 

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Chesapeake Education Association goes woke

Daily Press 3-23-2023. Author Amands Lambert, a member of the Chesapeake Education Association, wrote an opinion that was published recently. Here is my discourse to her comments. I wrote the board chairman with my concerns. 

Amanda Lamber does not speak for all teachers. I hope you will see fit to remind her when attacking the Governor of Virginia and pushing her left-wing ideology on other teachers. We will read what can be only a political tirade you approved in today's paper.  

I can speak for teachers in this case. My wife is a teacher. My daughter is a teacher. Both of my wife's parents are retired teachers. I taught the electrical trade as an adjunct professor at a community college for several years. I hear the daily stories of how we are exploiting our teachers in every county as to compensation. "We don't get into teaching for the money," my wife says. I'll share with you some other issues Amanda didn't acknowledge. 

1. Ask one of us if we support the current administration? The fact is Jeff, Amanda does not seem to understand. All pay raises come from the City or County. Funding does come from the state but at the expense of other equally needed programs. You'll need to remind your treasurer to go to the City or County Boards of Supervisors if she wants a raise next time. If you don't like the pay quit or move, and it is that simple. Many teachers have taken that stance, and honestly, who can blame them? Pay will increase as the demand for teachers increases due to the lack of teachers. We call this supply and demand a worthy capitalist theory on which our country is based. A class that is rarely taught in school today is finance; perhaps we pursue a worthy goal as to every student can balance a checkbook. I am astonished to see Amanda is your treasurer; she must think money grows on trees. Is an audit needed? 

2. Ask one of us if a parent should participate in the learning process? This a tricky question when many parents of poor means can barely read at an 8th-grade level. Amanda can only blame the local school district and teachers who came before her for allowing students to be graduated from high school and can't do 8th-grade math or on a 12th-grade reading level. Parents who lack understanding of essential learning should be unable to make decisions for their children. Parents with at least a college education should be able to make decisions concerning their children's welfare.
     It is as if parents should have to take a test to parent, and if they fail this test of parenting, the school system makes the best decisions for the child. Ask one of us how long it will take for left-wing progressives like Amanda to call this idea racist. People are of little means for many reasons, Jeff. Generally, it has nothing to do with education, although primary education is desired. It comes down to making good decisions in life, and if we don't teach "good decision making" children will suffer. We see this every day now, with guns in the hands of teenagers making bad decisions. We teach to blame everyone else, every inanimate object but we do not teach to blame ourselves, as Amanda blames our Governor as an example. 

3. Ask one of us if pronouns of choice should call a child. There are only two sexes, and your local biology teacher will provide you with that truth if they possess reasonable sound judgment. Are we to continue to allow school districts to move sex predators from one school to another, raping and pillaging until a parent figures it out and sues the left-wing progressive school district like Fairfax County? 

4. Ask one of us if Amanda has made an assumption. Our Governor has never said he is seeking election to another office. Amanda has made a false statement and should clarify that statement; otherwise, your organization comes off as political in nature and deserves to be ignored. 

5. Ask one of us why we judge Amanda in the same nature as she judges Julian Balow. If you want to judge others and pretend we are all perfect by all means, and when I say, "Lord, it is hard to be perfect, but I keep getting better at it every day." Throw those rocks, those of you who live in glass houses thinking you know better. Amanda failed again to acknowledge Ms. Barlow understood some mistakes were made and that the history curriculum was under review. Amanda wants to talk about whitewashing history yet obviously does not remember the removal of historical art in many towns and cities of our country. Yes, Amanda, your progressive liberals thinking will tear down confederate monuments ()historical art), and that is ok, yet that is the very whitewashing of history you so detest. The rock you throw has now entered your glass house.  

6. Ask one of us if teaching CRT and gender identity to students is a good idea? Jeff, some teachers are destroying the minds of children. Are you one of them?  I suspect Amanda may have been indoctrinated, her mind destroyed, by some left-wing progressive college professor hiding behind locked doors and tall walls of a college or university. 

Amanda makes valid points in her recent left-wing political tirade published in the Daily Press. I acknowledge each as an issue, albeit one might think there could be solutions. Making this political will certainly not get you a seat at the decision-making table. I take exception to making this political and attacking our Governor. The voters voted, and the majority spoke. You can continue to criticize or get on board. Lord knows I had to suffer through 4 years of Ralph (black face - baby killer) Northam. 

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Urban Virgina, and the hypocrisy of our Politicians and Media

Looking back at several articles and reports written and published in the Daily Press the week of March 6th - 12th, 2023. I offer the following discourse. 

The hypocrisy of our Politicians and the Daily Press. 

On Wednesday, March 8th, around 5:45 pm, security personnel confronted officers protecting the illegal sale of guns and drugs in a pop-up market. This market was, of course, found in Portsmouth, Va., where many illicit shops have been found before, according to police. While the Daily Press did not show the people involved, we know all forty people in the pop-up store at the time were most likely black. This is not a racist comment Ms. Worrell; this is an educated statical observation and a review of regional statistics. As much as you want to label good, law-abiding citizens as racist, this is not the time for your backward thinking and biased comments. 

We can state the obvious with the observation of several apparent realities associated with the region of the state and other news sources. A WAVY news video showed a picture of patrons and security guards; all were black. This is downtown Portsmouth, and over 50% of the residents are black. Louis Luca is a drug dealer, dealing drugs that can fall into the hands of children and young adults. We suspect, and based on her recent Twitter feed, this granny will not care who she kills. I might suppose you will look the other way when drugs fall into children's hands, but a gun, oh, a gun, well then, we have to take them all away. A fentanyl overdose killed a child; residues, mind you left behind by previous Airbnb renters in Florida recently, and not one word from a liberal leftist like you. 

The local media and police blame the lack of understanding of the law on the sale and distribution of drugs in Virginia. In my opinion, it is a cop-out, and of course, some people, but not all, are always looking for ways to skirt the law, as reported by the police. Do you believe these people also did not think you couldn't sell guns without a license? The most concerning part is that according to Wavy News, multiple previous busts of illegal pop-up stores have sold the same illicit goods. According to the local news, drugs have been sold laced with fentanyl. Are you saying you don't care about people dying from fentanyl? Has the local press or politicians expressed any concern or opinion to help close our borders to drug dealers? So let me get this straight, the police have shut down many of these pop-up stores across Portsmouth, according to police. However, some blacks in this community still have not realized that selling drugs and guns in Virginia is illegal without proper licensing. Are you insane? No, you are hypocrites. Of course, no one took responsibility for the drugs and guns. It is, in fact, reasonable to assume, and I dare you not to justify my reasoning, that there were 40+ people in this illegal pop-up store, defended by security thugs, mind you, and not one of them came forward to tell the police who were the drug dealers and gun dealers. The police say the people who ran this illegal pop-up store did not understand the law. That is a lie, a poor excuse for community policing; these thugs knew what they did was unlawful. 

Let's move to Friday's paper and the alleged Legacy shooter who appeared in court and was released. The shooter was released on a lack of evidence. According to your reporting, witnesses all black, mind you, failed to testify, so a shooter walks free. Grey, reportedly beaten, left and returned with a gun, shooting randomly from a distance. Nothing but excuses made by a lawyer. We all know Legacy is a restaurant and lounge patronized by blacks and owned by blacks. Do you not see the issue yet? Low moral decisions and low ethical values seem to pop up everywhere; there is murder and mayhem in our cities. 

Let's move on to the Sierra Jenkins murder: March 11th, 2023, Sunday opinion Daily Press. According to your reporting and opinion, charges were dismissed against Legrande after witnesses failed to show up. Noting the witnesses do not feel safe to testify. In an email, I warned Ms. Jenkins to be careful in downtown Norfolk at night; now, she is dead. 

Do you still not see the pattern of low moral decisions and low ethical values found in some but not all of our black community? Do you see the pattern of snitch mentality associated with this part of our society? Do you still not understand why Scott Adams is right; it is best to stay away from those who are a danger to our society since the Democrats are unwilling to crack down on violence in our community, where Democrats tie police officers' hands behind their back only to be shot and killed by evildoers in our communities? Do you not see that most of the issues our society deals with today come from the black urban community? Do I have to ask why you want to take guns from law-abiding citizens? Do you think another gun law will stop low-moral decision-making animals from breaking the law? Do I have to point out that we do have a cultural problem in some, but not all, black communities in America, and most, if not all, reside in urban communities run by Democrats? The fact is, pointing out these known truths will make no difference. 

"It's not laws that keep us safe; it is the behavior of people that keep us safe." These are the wise words of our governor, whom you choose to castrate occasionally with your liberal ideology nonsense. If the people were to follow a higher moral value, laws would not be needed at all. This is precisely what I have been writing about for years, and you ignore the truth. I don't need your gun laws because I safely conduct myself within my own moral conduct and ethical reasoning of a Mason. Yet you want to take from me what is not rightfully yours? Tommy Norment seems to think the same after voting to suppress my 2nd amendment rights recently. Now retiring, this closet Democrat has made his stripes known with higher taxes and gun restrictions for the lawfully righteous. 

Ms. Worrell, you are all too ready to criticize others, but when you are criticized, you do not respond; when you disagree with others, you ban their ideas from being printed, and you shut down free expression within a public avenue where ideas should be shared for us to move forward. The editor of this paper uses false accusations to make reasons to ban speakers of higher morals and ethical values than her own. As long as you ban ideas you disagree with, we will always hold you in contempt. 

Be it known, I am not a racist, and I dare anyone to say otherwise. I do not judge others based on their skin color; I judge (when I have to) the content of character. Yes, the clothes you wear matter not because of skin color but because clothes are an observation of good and evil. If you wear your pants down around your knees, if you wear gang colors, you may be a good person, but I don't know that, therefore siding with safety, I cross the street. This is not racism, this is threat assessment. I am not one to want to judge truthfully, but when you want to take freedom or life, one has to stand up and be counted; to point out your fallacies and lies. I judge for self-preservation of life and carry lawfully for the same reason. There is not one damn thing wrong with that. "It is better to judge wrong and live than to not judge and die." This motto of my critical thinking process and based on life experiences will keep you alive when danger presents itself.

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