Thursday, June 3, 2021

Black history is infinite and forever.

My discourse to Leon Pitts, and a weekly opinion piece found in the Daily Press. Lenard Pitts is a leftist commentator working for the Miami Herald. I have never witnessed more hate for the white race than to digest this man's columns written to disparage and hurt America. Leon had made the statement to the effect of, he knew history. Leon's focus seems to revolve around only a brief time of history. An accumulation of his columns focuses on 30 years of history, from three distinct decades.  This should be alarming to black America's understanding of why. 

Hi Leon, 

Not that you will respond. Leon never responds to those who offer discourse to opinions. At least I feel better after educating you on black history.

Let's start with the left. An observation if you will. The leftist like yourself, seem to concentrate on only a few decades of history. If you are to agree and I am sure you will not but, for the sake of argument perhaps you can agree on the following statement. 

History should be labeled as a process that involves infinity. History is forever.

I find it very amusing, and at the same time bewildered by uneducated persons like yourself who believes they know history. The left of which you reside willingly and blindly seems to concentrate on a few decades of history and ignoring the other 4.543 billion years of history our planet has to offer. Let's do some math, shall we? 

True statement: Leftists concentrate on the 1960s, the 1860s, and the 1620s. That is to say, black Americans are only interested in black history, incased in a total of 30 years. Never mind the 6-million years man has been around. Never mind the modern human dating back 200,000 years of history on this earth. Never mind the last 6000 years of history as we (all humans know) as civilization. Never mind the enslaved Africans starting in the 1500s when Portugal expanded its reach through sailing innovations and modern warfare of the times. 

In the 1500’s Africans were sent back to Europe as slaves. So let's start with the 1500s shall we Leon? That is 521 years ago, Leon. Here are the history questions you need to ponder. If African Americas are to come to grips with history perhaps we need to come to grips with all of the histories!

History questions you need to ask yourself to be an informed black American. 

1. If humans were equal then why did humans from different parts of the world, evolve at different rates?  

2. Why did Europeans evolve and developed modern weapons, using gun powder while Africans were still using spears and bows?

3. Why did Africans not develop the means of navigation and sailing like Europeans in the 1500s? 

4. If humans are equal, why did Africans not invade European Countries and take Europeans captive and enslaved them? 

5. Why do leftists like Leon, concentrate on 30 years of history. Why not 521 years of history, where the beginning of the enslaving of Africa by Europeans began and yet not the first time? 

6. Why do black Americans ignore the history of slavery in Africa by Africans? It is like ignoring black-on-black murder and only concentrate on police and black controversies. 

7. Why do empires rise and fall? What can history teach you if you only read or learn 30 years of history?  The 30-years white people want you to know? 

At the end of the day Leon, and if you will take time to look in the mirror, you will see a descendent of a conquered race. A once mighty and advanced group of people is what you should be proud of and see in the same mirror. Yet, some Americans of the left only want you to see 30-years of history. Africa as far back as history can tell the story was once a thriving wonderful evolving continent. Before the 1500’s great civilizations such as Kush, Axum, Mali, and Great Zimbabwe flourished. There was a time in Africa (5000 years ago) where economic, scientific advancements were superior to other continents. African’s invaded much of Spain and Portugal in the 8th century, occupying these countries. Africa had created international trading and trans-Atlantic travel long before the 1500s. 

So what happened Leon?

The answer: China! If you read the book, “1421 The Year China Discovered America.” China’s interaction with Europe along with invading Muslims holds the key to advancement in technology, in Europe around the time of the 1400s, and before. Other theories where climate played a role in the advancement of Europe over Africa have been presented as well. 

Why did Africa in the 1500’s fall so easily to slavery? 
War Leon, African wars fighting among themselves and enslaving each other. Leon, Africa had everything going for them and lost it. Much like what we see today in America.

Leon, when you look in the mirror I hope you do not see a failed race, I hope you will see a once mighty warrior, part of an advanced civilization that fell to war. If you do not learn from history America will rise and America will fall. It is inevitable and America will fall just like Africa fell 521 years ago and for the same reasons of infighting. Americans will look back one day at our mighty empire, while we slave away in forced labor camps run by the Chinese. As history repeats itself the rise of the Chinese is at hand. Maybe in another 1000 years, Africa will rise again as well but only if they can stop killing each other.

When Africans stop feeling sorry for themselves and, can become proud to be Americans, be proud of an Ancient civilization, understand why the African civilization fell so hard, only then can you not move forward without hate? In the end, Leon your ancestors and race-baiters of the left put you and your decedents in a frame of mind that is detrimental to black American prosperity. Not Europe and not America. 

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