Sunday, September 16, 2018

The lefts flight to be the rudest

In today’s society, people can become upset by just about anything and everything. This can be from differences in political beliefs, religion, and even the hats we wear on our heads. An opinion was written concerning a local cartoon found in the Williamsburg Gazette. The cartoon, coming from a conservative point of view was attacked and, the writer asked the local paper to stop printing the cartoon as it did not fit his agenda. I offered a discourse opinion, which was published. I wrote in part, "I blame Trump derangement syndrome as the cause for the writer's opinion and, I offered to help him find a doctor for his affliction."

In 2018, the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 to set aside a decision held by a Colorado Court against a baker who refused to serve a customer. The Supreme Court did not set aside the decision based on the refusal to provide a service based on religious beliefs, but rather on an anti-religious bias from local politicians and councils. 

In Asheville, North Carolina, a tow truck driver refused to tow a stranded car covered with “Bernie Sanders stuff,” and left a woman stranded on the highway.  From this, a progressive leftist family member took to the internet to call the tow truck driver a bigot. Attorneys for the tow truck driver stated he did not break any laws because political affiliation is not a protected right under the constitution.

A New York City judge ruled it legal to throw a person out of a bar if, they are wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

Secretary of Homeland Security, Helen Rosner, left a business meal early, not because the restaurant asked her to leave, but for being harassed by Democratic Socialists trying to entice a fight.

Sarah Huckabee is asked to leave a Virginia restaurant because she works for the POTUS.

Congressman Steve Scalise et al are shot and wounded by a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter while practicing for a baseball game.

Maxine Waters has decided it is ok to send her constituents into the streets to harass politicians and Trump supporters. (I am just waiting for someone to do that to me. I am prepared to defend myself and at all times.)

Now we have another democrat Diane Feinstein, holding a secret letter given to her in July and sent to the FBI in September. I have to ask, if the letter was that important then why did the letter not make it to the FBI sooner? This same letter has secret information, from a secret person, now known as Christine Ford. Ford a democrat and from, you guest it California, has come forward 35 years later, concerning Brett Kavanaugh's high school days. I have to ask, Are democrats so low, they have to go all the way back to high school? 

We have John Kerry holding secret meetings with Iran to undermine the present administration. Keep in mind folks, Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism but, I guess that is ok with Obama. As for Obama, he has crushed the long-held tradition of not campaigning after his time in office. Maybe Obama should not have mocked and made fun of DJT  years ago after all, huh.....

Don’t even get me started on how the media and opinion writers like Leonard Pitts and Eugene Robinson have treated the POTUS. It is not a wonder the POTUS has counter punched vile reports and opinions at every turn.

Going forward we have to ask ourselves, where does the leftist race to be the ill-behaved end? Will a school-age student be denied a chance to play sports based on the parent’s political beliefs or the beliefs of the child? What if I work for a private power co-op utility or water utility?  Can a company make a rule to turn the power back on in Democrat-dominated districts first? Can a private water utility deny service to a Republican who may have a “Make America Great Again” sign in his yard? Do I provide the service of catching a baby, dropped from a second-story burning house because there is a Bernie Sanders sign in the yard?

In conclusion, I believe the Democratic Party has played a role in the denying of services by spewing hatred and calls for resistance all across America. Verbal and physical attacks made by progressive liberals at political rallies and in public, combined with their rude behavior on Capitol Hill, should be identified as Trump derangement syndrome. If you need a doctor for your affliction, there are plenty of psychiatrist in the yellow pages. If you cannot seek help or deny your disease perhaps, we need "political-affiliation" to be protected by the constitution from said deranged progressives.

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