Sunday, September 30, 2018

A Discourse to The Daily Press opinion of Brett Kavanaugh and the 7th FBI probe

Once again, the editors of the Daily Press of Newport News VA get it wrong. The Daily Depress does not report honestly or factually concerning the Democrat abuses in my opinion.

Where the paper gets it, wrong or does not report.

1. Democrats have championed the idea that Brett Kavanaugh should prove his innocence. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer " This is not a criminal trial, therefore there is no presumption of innocence."  Are we to say that a man can be accused of wrongdoing and tried in a court of public review without evidence of guilt or innocence? If we as Americans go down this road, the Democrats have laid then, "God help us all."

2. The Daily Depress in its review does not inform the reader to the fact that Dr. Ford was offered a one-on-one private interview. Dr. Ford seemed surprised and unaware of this offer. Dr. Ford goes on to remark, "I did not understand." Are we to believe Dr. Ford, a well-educated woman, does not understand the offer?  Was she never told of the offer?

3. The Daily Depress goes on to omit and inform its reader to the leak of the letter to the media. Who leaked the letter, to begin with, and why? There needs to be an investigation as to who leaked the letter. There needs to be an investigation into who paid for Dr. Ford's lawyers and who set up her lawyers. If we find that Ms. Feinstein set up the lawyers then she needs to be expelled from office in this readers view.

4. The Daily Depress goes on to omit other facts worthy of comment. Ms. Feinstein held this letter for almost two months. This reader believes Ms. Feinstein leaked the letter, held the letter for political gain only and does not give a rat’s ass if the woman was assaulted or not. Nor, does Ms. Feinstein care if she destroys a man career and family based on allegations from 36 years ago with no proof of said allegations. The paper goes on to hide the fact that others named have no knowledge of this allegation and have stated it never happened.

5. The Daily Depress goes on to omit and inform its readers of a possible payout to Dr. North for testifying. A "go fund me page" was started but by who? 530,00.00 has been raised but, who are the donors to the go fund me page? I bet if we investigate, we will find Democrats like George Soros and possibly Ms. Feinstein herself contributing in some manner covertly.

6. Where does the Daily Depress stand on 36-year-old accusations, from high school? Why now has the women come forward? There were many holes in her testimony and at last count 17 inaccuracies to her testimony. A lack of remembrance is merely a tactic so to not incriminate herself.  I believe, Dr. Ford knew Brett never accosted her hence the lack of remembrance and a want to stay anonymous.

7.  Are we now to hold all people accountable 30-40 years later for what they did in high school? Is this what the Democrats are saying? Think about it editors of the Daily Depress, remember your days in high school?

8. The Washington Examiner explains that a Polygraph test is not a test to determine if you lie or tell the truth. Experts interviewed by the Washington Examiner cast doubt, and assert that such tests are unable to assess at all whether a person is lying or truthful.

9. The Daily Depress reports, according to RAINN is a nonprofit organization and since 2008 has provided anonymous, online crisis support. These anonymous reports come with no proof of guilt or innocence. Are we to say, just because you are a woman you should be believed? This is dangerous and violates our constitution. Let us not forget, the Duke lacrosse team or the fraternity at UVA as reported by Rolling Stone. False allegations, by women, that ruined lives and was used by a bias media to attack white men.

10. The new FBI investigation will not provide any new evidence. This will be the 7th FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh. The Daily Depresses opinion that we need an investigation reeks of bias toward Republicans and attacks white men. This is indeed a political ploy and the Daily Depresses disregard of said ploy should be examined as bias.

11. I am not one to be blind to sexual assault. This does happen in our society and needs to be addressed. Are we so blind, we do not see where this type of behavior comes from? The easy access to Hollywood / California pornography needs to be addressed. How can women stand by and, not raise awareness of the harms of pornography concerning our young boys and men? Society itself needs to be re-examined. Single-family parenting contributes to delinquency in our society and yet Democrats stand by and watch as our values degrade. It is as if Democrats want us all on drugs, watching porn and attacking each other so they may take power and rule. It is obvious to me, Democrats want us all to be stupid and unable to care for ourselves.

In closing, The Daily Depress published "Where the newspaper stands," op-ed is an absolute disgrace and hit job on Brett Kavanaugh. The paper is selectively reporting based on an obvious bias toward white men. No good will ever come from this except to continue to divide America and the Daily Depress has once again embarrassed itself. 

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