Sunday, January 28, 2024

A Poem: Rock Rider

I was working on my next book today. I had been posting Facebook pictures of deep space from our orbiting telescopes. This poem came to me after months of rolling around in my head it just came to me. I wrote the poem in its basic form and then used AI and Grammarly Pro to enhance the poem. I made changes where changes seem to fit with a few literary changes. So enjoy. Copyrighted 1-28-2024. Reed Johnson. 

Upon a rock, we ride through cosmic streams,
Earth, our vessel, in vast galactic dreams.
In Milky Way's embrace, a speck so small,
Life's tale unfolds, a fleeting, cosmic call.

Aboard this orb, where oceans gently sway,
Mere riders on a journey, night and day.
In insignificance, our stories unfold,
A dance of time, a cosmic threshold.

Beneath the stars, our home takes flight,
A ball of wonder in the endless night.
Yet, humbled we stand, 'midst galaxies grand,
A mere breath in the cosmos, grains of sand.

Through eons passing, whispers of our lore,
On this celestial ride, forevermore.
Rock rider, we journey, our tales untold,
In the cosmic saga, our narrative unfolds.

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