Saturday, January 14, 2023

Richneck School shooting: The police and school division are not explaining or the right questions asked.

Concerning the local opinions in the Williamsburg  / Newport News area concerning the Richneck School Shooting. This is a school shooting where a 6-year-old shot a teacher. The real issue is the right questions need to be asked. Perhaps this is an ongoing investigation? Makes sense to me, but here is what we need to ask as parents, teachers, and citizens. 

Guns Saves Lives

 A last-word writer asked about a "Guns saves lives" bumper sticker. The writer ponders as to someone talking to the Zwerner family. I would be glad to speak to the family if it helps heal and understand the actual issues of a teacher put in harm's way by liberals. I could talk about the federal government statistics that clearly show guns used in self-defense correctly save lives and thousands every year. I don't think that is what they want to hear. I could talk to Abigail, and being the head of a household with two teachers, one who teaches here in James City County and another who teaches in Fairfax County, could relate to the issues that are simply not being discussed. According to scuttlebutt, that is, teachers talking to teachers, the student told people he had a gun; they searched his backpack but did not search the person. The weapon is rumored to have been in the student's hoodie. If this gun, which has not been identified, was a micro-pistol like a Ruger max 9 as an example, then yes, this gun can hide easily as it is intended to be carried hidden. Gun enthusiasts know a strip search would have been required to effectively find this type of weapon on a person. Here is where our legislators and liberal student rights have failed us. This is where people like representative Mike Mullin fail us. That, though, is another discourse worth writing. 

Abigail will know if the student was searched; let's ask the family for input; that is my first question when I meet with them. In James City County, you must be certified to restrain a student. If a teacher has an unruly student, the teacher cannot restrain or even touch the student for fear of lawsuits. The truth is there are a lot of students today that are out of control in our schools, who lack the ability to listen to instructions or behave themselves, and that goes back to the parents, in my opinion. Now we have representative Boysko wanting to add further gun control where legislation already exists. The question is, why has the parent not been reported as charged by the police? We need to understand if, in Virginia, "loco parentis" allows a teacher to even search the body of a 6-year-old? There are personal rights, and then there are rights afforded teachers to act as the parent in the parent's absence, but this is a cloudy doctrine at best. At the end of the day, this horrible event was preventable.

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