Saturday, June 25, 2022

Roe vs Wade is not about abortion, Roe vs Wade is about right and wrong

Roe vs. Wade is not about right and wrong. 

Recent Supreme Court decisions should remind us that our president and Democrats who disagree with recent decisions may not uphold the rule of law. Will they completely ignore the third branch of Government? We saw this when the Supreme Court ruled on the Dred -Scott decision. Soon after that, Lincoln declared war, and 100,000's of people lost their lives on both sides of the Civil war. 

This is not about whether slavery is good or bad. This is not about whether abortion is good or bad. In the next few weeks, we will see if those who cherish our Republic, cherish our three branches of equal Government, will treat each branch as equals and with respect. Today, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer rattled the sabers of war. Sabers of hate and division. Today Democrats showed their immature asses. Democrats are quick with speeches meant to divide and show hate and discontent for the rule of law. 

We have already heard from Chuck Schumer that he wants to codify abortion, so in his words, no matter what states do, abortion will be legal. I have to wonder where that sentiment was when federal drug laws were broken and ignored by the states. Where was Schumer when the border was overrun? Where was Schumer when federal laws were ignored? Where was Schumer regarding illegals entering our country over the past 18 months? Where were the federal law enforcers when Schumer threatened Supreme Court justices in 2020 if Roe vs. Wade did not go his way? Will we see the same vigor to prosecute insurrectionists and violent protestors? My guess is no, and history will be the telling tale. Democrats will tell you like they have before, "there is nothing wrong with good trouble," but that claim begs a definition of what is good and what is bad. 

The truth is they (our politicians in DC) are a bunch of hypocrites. 

May God have mercy on their wretched souls. 100's of thousands die, and many more to come; all the while, these hypocrites use propaganda and the media to control the public. Propaganda is used to turn our eyes from high inflation, high gas prices, wars in Europe, food shortages, and baby formula shortages. We are (the public) manipulated and laughed at by those in DC. 

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