Saturday, February 26, 2022

Urban media takes over rural newspapers. The results are devastating for rural conservatives.

Observations: Urban media takes over rural papers. My discourse is to offer insight into the consolidation of paper media. 

Has anyone noticed the opinion page of the Williamsburg Gazette has turned into a propaganda page? Has anyone noticed Shana Gray is still listed as the editor?

In recent weeks, whoever they are, the overseers are running little to no local opinions anymore. I see left-wing propaganda infiltrating what was once just a tiny opinion page of a local paper. I might suppose Ms. Gray is still at the Gazette but refusing to acknowledge this. Kris and Brian might say, "well, we are using cost-cutting measures as our readership declines. They might say, "We blame the internet." Ya, As an experienced business development guru myself, a professional who designs and sells the most expensive equipment in our industry and has driven our sales from 750,000 in 2010 to over 3.2 million in Virginia alone. I stand here today, watching the "paper media" slowly die and on their own sword. Success comes on the heels of good customer service and unbias reporting. This is something the local papers lack. I could make the local papers profitable, but alas, I am not in the position to require change. 

James City County is evenly split, about 50% Democrat and 50% Republican. York County and especially upper York County leans Republican. Would it not make sense for the Gazette to show the same in its reporting with this knowledge alone? Does James City County really care what is going on in North Carolina or Virginia Beach when it comes to a local paper? Why are Kris and Brian so hell-bent on turning off half of the population with left-wing reporting biases and subjecting the conservative reader to their hate without allowing discourse. For the paper to write where they stand on a topic but not allow discourse is "cancel culture" at its best. Why do these city boys seem to hate our way of life? Are we really in a battle of rural vs. urban whereby the Urbanites control the rural paper? I think so. 

As subscribers to both the Gazette and Daily Press, we are now subjected to the same articles in the same papers within a few days of each other. Why then subscribe to both? We continue to review left-wing radical reading material from the LA Times, The New York Times, and Washington Post outlets who are 100% critical of Glenn Youngkin, just like the infamous essential skills of thinking of Kris Worrel and Brian Colligan found on the Daily Press opinion page. 

In my humble opinion, those associated with Kris Worrell and Brian Colligan are also associated with cancel culture. Cancel Culture is alive and well at the Daily Press and now the Williamsburg Gazette. To not allow discourse and differences of opinion is not a free press. This is an oligarchy press, which has given Joe Binden a complete pass. At the same time, our country spirals toward high inflation, high gas cost, high food bills, and possible war. I can personally weather all of this because I am conservative by nature, but the poor, the poor who the Democrats claim to champion for, will suffer. The sad part is and "mark" my words, come November when the Republicans take back the house and senate, Kris and Brian will be sure to blame the Republicans for everything wrong in this world. 

PS Thank you for providing me the opportunity to continue my writing and working on my critical thinking skills. Brian and Kris certainly do offer that opportunity weekly. If we ever met for a beer, we would get along just fine, I think. Then again that is up to you to accept my invitation. 

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