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Notre Dame murals: A reminder of Hitlers Germany

Notre Dame murals: A reminder of Hitlers Germany.

The murals of Notre Dame were created around 1882-1884 and are historical. The murals are a form of art. It is not the story they tell but, the time in history they were painted, tells a story. If an accurate depiction of the story is what you seek, then a plaque installed next to the historical mural, Iconary, plaque, painting should be placed. This plaque can depict today's interpretation of the past, this is not a time to start removing art and historical depictions of history. Honestly, I can walk into any museum of art and find 1000’s of Renaissance paintings that do not depict the past as accurate. Are we to remove all art that does not factually portray the past as precise due to today's interpretation of history or remove because the historical art offends a few?

Charlottesville Virginia 2018, students demanding the removal of the Jefferson Memorial because he was a slave owner. The founder of UVA, we want him gone!  William and Mary removed confederate art and attempted to remove a gift, a Christian cross, from Wren Chapel.  Of course, when donations were threatened President Nichols was fired, the cross stayed as pheasant under glass, W&M caved and relinquished their convictions for money.  The Silent Sam, University of North Carolina, was torn from its historical base by an uneducated youthful mob of students. These artifacts are ancient in nature, they tell us about a time in the past and how people thought. I think the ideas of the past should not be erased. I think we need to understand how people felt at that time in the past and record this time as important history. We do this through art. These historical murals that were painted represented what people believed to be art. This in itself satisfies historical and art definitions.

Confederate Iconary, a plaque, given in the early 1900s to honor fallen soldiers was removed from William and Mary. President Reveley promised a new plaque to honor all fallen soldiers, on both sides of the civil war. He lied and to this day the plaque has never been replaced. New President Katherine Rowe, in my opinion, has exhibited an unwillingness to consider a change.  President Rowe will not discuss the Confederate plaque as art or of historical significance and will not pursue its replacement as promised. Let us be clear here. A hand-carved plaque is as every bit a piece of art as a statue of Jefferson, residing in the sunken garden. Is every bit a piece of art found in the cross, residing in Wren Chapel. To witness the defacing of art, Jefferson’s statue should be a concern to the President of William and Mary. Alas, it has not historically been a concern, it seems to me.

The murals at Notre Dame are art. Plaques are art, Iconary is art. The biggest fear we face today is, the art we find in museums will be taken down and removed by the left as they see it offensive. It is these leaders of the left, professors, students, presidents, congressman-women, who remind me of Hitlers Germany.

"The Nazi book burnings were a campaign by German Student unions to burn books in the 1930s ceremonially. These books were targeted for burnings as they viewed these books as being subversive or as representing ideologies opposed to Nazism. these included books written by Jewish, pacifist, religious, classical, liberal, anarchist, socialist and communist authors." Books are a work of art, they are historical, and they tell a story. The same can be said for paintings, sculptures, plaques, and Iconary. Today we witness the removal, the cover-up, the torn down, the art of our past being destroyed. A past that the left finds subversive or as representing ideologies they oppose. It is here we see this comparison to Germany's Hitler youth.

Definition of historical: of or concerning history; concerning past events.

Definition of art: The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form. Examples of visual form: paintings, sculptures, murals, plaques, music, literature, dance.

In closing: I predict as America moves ever farther left, in its ideology, our very country will be threatened, books will be banned, music removed, paintings burned and all for the call to not offend those of political ideology, a left doctrine. The very inclusiveness they shout is but arouse, it is the power they seek, it is the power they seek, to destroy America.


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