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Diversity "A range of different things"

Diversity “A range of different things.”

An article ran in the Williamsburg Gazette with concern to William and Marys look to the future. I offer my observations and concerns.

President Taylor Reveley was working on diversity before he retired. He removed a Confederate plaque in August of 2015 from the Wren building. He promised diversity in naming all soldiers who fought in the civil war be remembered with a plaque. When asked about the plaque in 2018 the College would only tell us, they were still working on it. Three years have passed and the College does not honor its diversity promise of including all of the fallen.

In 2016, I approached Taylor Reveley with the idea, an opportunity to, start an aviation school. It was the first year of the Williamsburg Aviation Scholarship Program or (WASP). A group of industry leaders had formed this program. This program is designed to help students learn to fly and possibly fill jobs in aviation where there is a shortage of pilots. Mr. Reveley did attend an informational meeting but, when pressed later, he said and I quote “aviation is not a fit for our College.” Where is the diversity, I thought?

Now enters Katherine Rowe. Ms. Rowe has continued her efforts to focus on how to prepare students for post- graduation. I would like to note the recent discussion where mostly professor and faculty attended along with two students. Sitting in groups of ten they discussed ways to make the College more diverse.

Diversity “A range of different things.” How can a discussion on diversity and preparing students for post-graduation be discussed without a diversified field of participants in the discussion groups? If one is going to believe faculty and professors can possibly offer diversity while hiding behind the wall of a College, and most not experiencing the real world in decades then, I would have to say this discussion was a failure. Where are your industry leaders in this discussion? You know, the ones who will hire your precious snowflakes?

Diversity “A range of different things.” When will the College (any College) acknowledge the need for diversity within its own ranks? I am reminded of the Honors ceremony my wife and I attended when my wife was doing graduate work in special education at W&M. The speaker says, “go out and change the world!” It was all my wife could do to keep me from busting out laughing. I looked around the room and, I watched these 20 something’s gobbling up fantasies of changing the world. Then a horrible thought came over me. What if these indoctrinated progressives actually do change the world or worse change America? As a 50-year old something in attendance, I began to realize the danger.

Apologizing for history

I have but two words for this, utter nonsense. Formally apologizing for Jim Crow laws and slavery is nothing more than "white guilt." However, a deeper understanding of the underlying progressive ideology that is indoctrinating our children, runs deeper than white guilt. Let us in turn, consider multiculturalism as the deeply rooted W&M cause. Diversity is being used to achieve this globalization goal progressives teach our children. In doing so, is diversity put at risk? The answer can be found in W&M’s mission statement along with W&M’s vision statement.

  • Attract outstanding students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Develop a diverse faculty
  • Provide challenging curriculums in liberal arts and sciences
  • Prepare students for intellectual, professional and public leadership
  • Instill in students an appreciation for the human condition, a concern for public well-being.
  • Use of its faculty and students to further human knowledge and understanding.
  • W&M vision statement. “develop critical thinking and understanding of diverse perspectives.”

The human condition and applying Progressivism.

“Progressivism is an ideology based on the idea that historical and social progress is inevitable. The idea of progress assumes movement toward some ideal or end that usually includes the perfectibility of human nature and human society. One has to ask, Is it the goal of W&M to perfect human nature and society? If W&M is instilling in its students an appreciation for the human condition and public well-being through the closed eyes of progressivism, in the name of diversity and, the ultimate goal of globalization or “one rule government” then we are all in trouble and should be alarmed.

William and Mary’s utter nonsense in apologizing for something that happened in the past is, not only the white guilt of a few but, it is, in fact, a ploy to create the idea of globalism. W&M et al are altering our understanding of history through the removal of plaques, removal of statues, teaching and, the erasure of the past. In doing so W&M is trying to unite people into accepting one world thought by, erasing the past they feel divides us. Removal of the Christian cross from the chapel is an excellent example of W&M’s attempt to globalize the college and thus globalize the world. The removal of a cross, so that “others felt welcomed” was Dr. Nichols call for diversity. Obviously, W&M backed down after donations and pledges were denied. I guess W&M cares more about money than they do about their principles.

In closing: W&M’s indoctrination of students into progressive ideology lacks the diversity it seeks and seems to be an oxymoron. There seems to be no diversity within its own ranks in this writer’s opinions and observations and thus students are not developing critical thinking skills if, only one political vision, one view of the world and, one side of the story, is taught. In this manner, W&M fails its own mission statement. William and Mary seemingly want to teach diversity that is geared toward the globalization of the world. Yet, when it comes to teaching diversity in political ideologies, creating diversity within in its curriculum, diversifying its faculty and providing the basic understanding, humans will forever be tribal, does not fit their global agenda. Thus, the realization of danger as reported earlier. God help us all if, W&M succeeds in the destruction of America through progressive ideology and globalism.

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